Our First Post – Our First Wedding

Chantilly National Golf & Country Club has been a wedding venue in the area for years.  However, the winter of 2014, we went through a major construction.  Kim & Sung came to Chantilly National wanting to have a wedding on March 28, 2015.  We were a little nervous because we were in the middle of renovations but after talking to our construction team, they PROMISED the ballroom would be ready…and it was.  Just days before the couple came to see where we were in construction and we were still putting carpet down, painting and hanging light fixtures.  I was nervous to show them the room but we walked into the Ballroom and Kim looked at me and said: “OH it is almost READY!”.  I must have taken the biggest sigh of relief because I knew it was going to be ready on time but to show a Bride a room still being painted days before the wedding, that was NOT the reaction I expected.  Mr. & Mrs. Chu, thank you for being the BEST first wedding couple we could have ever had at the NEW Chantilly National Golf & Country Club!

Photo by: Solo Koo Wedding Films

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