Mr. & Mrs. Barthold 7.2.16


On July 2, 2016 Danielle and Patrick were married at a St. Timothy Catholic Church located in Chatilly, VA.  Following the ceremony, the reception was held here at Chantilly National Golf & Country Club.

Patrick, Danielle and Danielle’s¬†mom, Claire, were very organized and knew exactly what they wanted; especially the day, July 2nd. They¬†toured the venue while we were still in the construction stage. So Danielle and Patrick were our “last” couple who booked before we reopened the Ballroom doors. So when their wedding started to approach, it was a little bittersweet for me¬†because¬†the couples who were there with us during the construction, they had now ALL come and were now ALL married. ¬†Patrick and Danielle¬†were the last couple that knew the before and after – how fast does time fly. ¬†But like I said, it was bitterSWEET because they were getting married so we were ALL very excited to see all the hard work come together.

Danielle and Patrick are a couple that you look at and see that they are perfect – both confident and both know what they want, which in turn, was a reflected on¬†their day of celebration and love. ¬†The day would NOT have been possible without Claire, Danielle’s mother. ¬†She was so great at making sure all the details were taken¬†care of,¬†but not only that, she was just¬†there, 100%, for all of it. ¬†(She may need to make it a side job b/c she was that good, haha!). I really will miss working with this family. Congratulations to the two of you and your family and friends.

Take a look at the wonderful video by Micheal Brandao Films (

Girard-Barthold Wedding Video

Photos below by: A Ghra Photography”


Thank you to Danielle, Patrick, Clarie, the entire Bridal Party, their family and friend for making the weekend one we won’t ever forget.

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