Keep the good news coming!!

Photo by Sharmila Photography

We are so excited to hear that one of our CNGCC Couples are expecting their first child in July 2017!

I (Aleks) remember their wedding day well…it was a gorgeous day,  I was getting things in place, checking details one last time when all of a sudden, I got a phone call saying, my little sister was having her baby almost 3 weeks early and she was on her way to the hospital.

So I knew I needed to go and I have an amazing team that has my back for things like this but I was nervous to spring this on a family literally hours before things were going to get kicked off. Would they be mad? Would I stress them out? Well, I should have known better. With the Brodie-Villanueva families, FAMILY comes first. So being the cool, calm, collected, loving family they are, once I told them the situation, they were then giving me hugs, congratulating me and trying to help me get out of there as I was finishing putting place cards out, haha!

What a day. Cara and Luis were married and a new life was brought into the world. And now, they will be bringing their own baby into this world!

From my personal family and my work family at Chantilly National, we all want to say, CONGRATULATIONS! We can’t wait to see photos  of the little one :).


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