True Love, Rain or Shine

So after a very busy day at a Bridal Expo yesterday, I can’t lie, I am excited it is raining today – I don’t feel as guilty having a quiet day off veggin’ out and doing a whole lot of nothing (I should probably do some laundry but we shall see what happens 😜).

Rainy days are usually not what couples hope for on their wedding day but it’s something that shouldn’t be a huge concern. I know, I know, easier said than done!  But, I do suggest at least trying to be positive about it because it’s something we can’t control. Couples and the bridal parties don’t realize how much their reactions to things like the weather, will affect the entire day and night. Yes, we will need  to change and adjusted a few thing but we have to remember the real reason why we’re there, for love. If you’re not worried, others won’t worry. JUse like we will at the venue, your guests will adjust too. They’ll wear rain jackets and bring umbrellas and when they arrive they’re going to enter the foyer, take a look around and be honored to be there on your special day.

One wedding that comes to mind is the Chapman-Chamberlin Wedding we hosted this past fall. It was raining that day but I don’t think about the rain, I think and remember how calm the day was and being in my position, that’s not somethig  I say all the time. Lara and Doug, they embraced the rain, they had backup ready and I really admired their positive attitudes. There was nothing that was going to dampen their day. Rain or shine, these love birds were getting married and that they did. Lara and Doug not only changed the initial plans they had to get married outside but they did it with a smile on their face and that smile passed along to the family and friends who surrounded them that day. Check out the wonderful photos taken by Jon W. Miller Photography of their special, rainy, loving day.

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